ACCESS Reviewer Instructions

Reviewer Instructions for refereed articles for ACCESS

The Australian School Library Association Incorporated (ASLA) is providing, on request only, a peer review process for inclusion of articles in ACCESS, the national journal of ASLA. 

ACCESS is a professional journal that provides an open forum for educators and researchers who are concerned with issues arising from digital literacy and school librarianship. Major foci include collaborative curriculum development, inquiry based learning, information technology and its integration into learning/teaching programs, information management and literature. 

The following information is designed to help reviewers evaluate the article submitted for ACCESS.  Constructive feedback will help authors improve their work. If revisions are recommended, reviewers should be as specific as possible in delineating the changes and should indicate which changes are recommended and which are mandatory.

The reviewer should return the Reviewer Instructions form to the ACCESS editor as soon as possible (but no later than 3 weeks after receiving the article) to: The ACCESS Editor: Rachel Hoare.

Reviewer guidelines - summary comments for the author

(See also Reviewer Instructions form for more detail).

1. Interest or relevance of the subject to readers.
2. Originality of the paper
3. Content

    • Accuracy
    • Currency
    • Sound research methodology, where applicable

4. Writing quality

    • Paper is logically organised
    • Ideas are clearly presented

5. Meets submission requirements from ASLA Referencing Guide.

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