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ASLA Virtual National Conference

Held in partnership with SLASA - 12-13 April 2021



Australian School Library AssociatioN

BREAKING NEWS: ASLA is proud to announce...

Dr Margaret Merga, in partnership with ASLA, has been successful in obtaining funding from BUPA to undergo a ground-breaking research project entitled:  School libraries promoting wellbeing in Australian primary and secondary schools: An exploratory study. 

This study will provide research-based evidence for the important role that school libraries and school library staff play in promoting positive mental health in schools across Australia. ASLA thanks Dr Merga for this initiative and looks forward to working together on this very worthwhile research project.

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'It's a crucial role': Teacher librarians push to boost their numbers in schools

Kerry Pope, Head of Library Services at Toongabbie Christian College, NSW, is among the association of teacher librarians calling for higher staff numbers in schools. Kerry believes the heart of a school library - both a student wellbeing space and central information hub - is its teacher librarian.

Read this article published in
The Sydney Morning Herald,
24 November, 2020

New story added 10 June, 2020!I

In the challenging times brought about by school closures during the COVID-19 period, all schools' staff are facing major changes. How are school libraries involved? ASLA invites you to share your good news story and tell us how your library is supporting teachers and parents during this crisis. We will publish these stories on our website and on our Facebook page.

Partner Member Association with IASL

We are excited to announce that we have now become a Partner Member Association with the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL). Learn the benefits...

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in  partnership with SLASA

12-13 April 2021

Students Need School Libraries

ASLA is a partner in the campaign Students Need School Libraries. This aims to engage parents and inform them about school libraries, sparking them into action to advocate at their child’s school.  

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