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ACCESS Style Guide

Style Guide for submitting articles to ACCESS

(See ASLA Referencing Guide for examples.)

Use of quotation marks

Single quotation marks only for direct speech. Italics for emphasis.  Ensure referencing is appropriate (page number if direct quotation)


Subtitles in bold, fully justified, bullets, and italics for emphasis, NOT quotation marks.


Indicate where to place graphics (e.g. Figure 1, Books for boys). Ensure full identification (title, author, figure and caption).

Intext references

Author-date system; page number when direct quotes.

Primary References

Only those references cited in text.
Secondary References Listed after 'References' as 'Bibliography'.


Capitalise proper nouns or acronyms (e.g. co-operative planning and teaching as CPPT).  Take care with overuse of capitals for common nouns (principal; president).  Titles of published materials and workshops begin with a capital and thereafter lower case, unless it is a proper noun.


Accepted spelling examples - teacher librarian, online, proactive, website, lifelong, CD-ROM, World Wide Web, Internet, intranet, workstations, `Net, e-mail, curriculums, information and communication technology (ICT). Spell out numbers one to nine; thereafter use numerals. If article is of a statistical nature then numerals can be used for all numbers.

Submitting an article - check list

    • Spelling and grammar (Australian standard).
    • Word limit (Check Guidelines for publication in Access).
    • In-text referencing matches reference list.
    • Page number(s) if using direct quotes.
    • Article sent as attachment in Microsoft Word.
    • Graphics and photos to be sent separately to article, appropriately identified
    • Article, biography, postal address, telephone and e-mail to editor
    • Remove personal formatting

Contact editor for further information. Editor reserves the right of negotiation regarding inclusion, style and content of article. In a journal such as Access, flexibility is central to the publishing of each issue. Deadlines are closely honoured.

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