By-law 6: Meetings

 Reviewed and accepted: 07 May 2022

6.1. Notification

The date of the Annual General Meeting as approved by the Board, will be available to members via the website. Members will be notified of the meeting schedule via email.

The President and Office Bearers, in consultation with the Board, shall prepare the agenda for meetings. The Board or members, depending on the meeting, will be notified by email of the agenda at least 14 days prior to the meeting, unless special resolutions are to be considered, and then a 21 day notice will apply.

6.2. Format & business

6.2.1. Board Meetings

The Board:

  • controls and manages the affairs of the Association; and
  • may exercise all functions that may be approved by the Association; and
  • has power to perform all acts and do all things that appear to the Board to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Association; and
  • has power to delegate functions to Project Teams according to established terms of reference; and
  • has power to appoint and dismiss remunerated personnel of the Association; and
  • shall, at all times, act in the interests of the Association.

The business of the Board is to:

  • receive reports from Office Bearers, remunerated officers and Project Teams; and
  • receive and consider the progressive financial statements of the Association; and
  • receive proposals from Directors; and
  • vote on matters relevant to the transaction of the business of the Association; and
  • receive annual reports from Member Associations.

6.2.2. Annual General Meeting

The business of the Annual General Meeting will be to:

  • confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and of any General Meeting held since that meeting; and
  • to receive reports from the Board on the activities of the Association during the last financial year; and
  • to elect and confirm the appointment of Directors, as required; and
  • to receive and consider the audited statement of accounts, the auditor’s report and the net profit and loss of the Association in respect of the most recently ended financial year; and
  • to appoint the Association’s auditor in accordance with the Act.

6.2.3. Voting

A majority of votes carries motions of all meetings, including Project Team meetings, and, in the event of a tied vote the chairperson shall have second or casting vote.

Special resolutions (or substantive motions) are processed at a General Meeting. A special resolution is passed if the majority of the Voting Members present vote in favour of the resolution (either in person or by proxy).

6.2.4. Minutes

The Secretary shall record the minutes of meetings. In the absence of the Secretary, the Executive Officer, or a nominated Director, shall record the minutes of the meeting.

Minutes of the Annual General Meetings will be available to members on request. 

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