ASLA February Webinar 2023 - Rise of AI generated content; the pedagogical, ethical, legal and practical implications for school libraries, teachers, and students. Presented by Luke Low, Diane Lewis and Shaun Price from Padua College, Victoria

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AI generative technologies are a new and exciting set of tools that uses artificial intelligence to create new content or ideas. The presentation will cover the following topics: ● Overview of AI generative technologies, its limitations, the implications to classroom practice and the changing face information retrieval. ● AI and plagiarism, a proposed framework to address the rapidly changing environment of academic honesty. ● Why students may choose to use this technology to cheat, legal implications and the impact to the community as a whole. ● Exploration of the production workflow to create a children's books that was 100% written and illustrated by AI generative tools Luke Low, Diane Lewis and Shaun Price from Padua College explore new ways to use technology and resources in a information science context to better serve their students, teachers and wider communities including but limited to: ● Establishing a project with Vision Australia that involves high school student creating bespoke audiobooks for visually impaired children to use whilst they learn braille ● Exploration of the Australian Copyright Act that enables schools to produce inhouse previously inaccessible audiobooks for student with print based disabilities ● Implementation of virtual reality in a library context ● Computer programs that AITSL Teaching Standards: 2.6, 3.4, 4.5, 7.1, 7.2 PLEASE NOTE: This counts as Teacher Identified professional learning with NESA and TQI and is NOT accredited. Target audience: Secondary teachers, Teacher librarians, ICT Support staff

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