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Teacher Librarian Award - 2011

Australian Teacher Librarian Award - 2011

Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd (LinksPlus/Weblinks)
24 October 2011

Maureen Twomey

Assisi Catholic College, Upper Coomera, Queensland. 

The Australian School Library Association Inc. (ASLA) and Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd (LinksPlus/Weblinks) have pleasure in announcing the winner of the 2011 Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year Award – Maureen Twomey from Assisi Catholic College, Upper Coomera, Queensland.

This national award recognises and honours an exceptional Australian teacher librarian in a school setting whose professional practice has a positive impact on student achievement and information literacy. ASLA describes the role of a teacher librarian as having three key professional specialisations: curriculum leader, information specialist, and information services manager.

The Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year 2011 is awarded to a teacher librarian who demonstrates a high level of achievement in each of these three components of her role and thus provides a library and information service that improves student learning.

The 2011 Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year, Maureen Twomey, a member of the School Library Association of Queensland (SLAQ), manages a diverse library service at Assisi Catholic College, Upper Coomera, QLD. The college is a Preparatory to Year 12 college (5-18 years) that opened in 2005 on the northern end of the Gold Coast, in south-east Queensland. Assisi Catholic College espouses a strong focus on connectedness within the middle years curriculum (Year 7 to Year 9). There is a clear spotlight on the integration of information and communication technologies with teaching and learning, and on eco-friendly structures and practices, in line with the College’s Franciscan philosophies. The school is administered by Brisbane Catholic Education and is located in one of the fastest growing population corridors in Australia.

Maureen's Principal and colleagues comment on her abilities to meet the selection criteria of the award:

“Maureen is a most worthy recipient of this award and this is great acknowledgement of the work she has undertaken as well as her leadership and vision  for how a 21st century library (iCentre) best meets the needs of 21st century learners and teachers.”
Dora Luxton, Principal, Assisi Catholic College

“Maureen spends a significant amount of time providing Information Literacy services and programs to our staff. I as well as other members of staff see her professional knowledge of lifelong learning, current educational pedagogy and curriculum as outstanding. She particularly advocates the integration of Information Literacy skills into everyday lessons, offering her services to staff in a very generous manner.”

“Maureen is a teacher librarian of high calibre who has kept abreast of the innovations and challenges that face teachers in the 21st century. She has displayed excellent leadership in shifting the role of a teacher librarian from a traditional one to that of iCentre Coordinator where students and staff have access to up-to-the-minute 21st century technology.”

“At the heart of her passion for teaching and learning is the student. She leads and empowers teachers to develop skills and resources that will enable students to become active investigators, quality producers and lifelong learners.”

“Maureen’s significant role in establishing the school’s modern, interactive, aesthetically pleasing and highly resourced college learning centre, known as Chiara, has enabled the entire college community to engage in meaningful learning experiences. It has also provided a highly supportive environment for both small and large groups to meet, discuss information and present to one another in a sophisticated manner.”

“Maureen has specialised in the delivery of the Dimensions of Learning (DoL) curriculum framework across P-12. Her professional development of the staff on the framework, over a number of sessions, has ensured teachers are planning, delivering and providing a quality learning environment for students that is intellectually rigorous and consistent across P-12. Her development of a Student Manual that supports the DoL framework has allowed teachers and students to organise their demonstration of learning in clear and sophisticated ways.”

“Maureen has been highly influential in moving staff and students towards embedding Information Communication Learning Technologies into their learning experiences with the development of the college Information Literacy Policy. Her efficient approach to resource gathering and management has also complimented the delivery of quality learning at Assisi Catholic College.”

The judges commented:

“Maureen Twomey has had a long association with school libraries including the schools she has taught at and throughout other areas of Queensland. She has had significant involvement with professional school library associations both in Queensland and nationally. Her skills are constantly demonstrated with excellence and she is at the forefront of innovation. Her commitment to the Dimension of Learning program is a wonderful example of a program that she has introduced and assisted other teachers to implement. She shows a great understanding of the needs of student learning and has developed programs to ignite the passions of those she teaches and with whom she teaches.”

“Maureen’s nomination clearly demonstrates that she is an outstanding teacher librarian whose forward-thinking approach has had a positive impact on students, teachers and parents within her school community as well as reaching further to other schools. She uses a range of effective strategies to foster students’ love of reading and literature as well as to ensure a comprehensive, integrated and collaborative approach across the school for digital learning and information literacy. She demonstrates effective use of a range of data sources, including participation in research projects, to inform library policies and programs and to assist with planning for the future.”

This award carries a $1,500 cash prize from Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd and $500 worth of Weblinks-LinksPlus products.

The award was presented to Maureen at Assisi Catholic College 2011 Night of Excellence on Wednesday 26 October.

We congratulate all the state and territory nominees for this award

Gai Dennett, Canberra Grammar School - Nominated by the Australian Capital Territory

Susie Glasson, Cranbrook School - Nominated by the Australian School Library Association (New South Wales)

Maryann Pearson , Woodcroft College Junior School - Nominated by the School Library Association of South Australia

Brenda Clover, Perth College - Nominated by the Western Australian School Library Association

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