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Teacher Librarian Award - 2008

Australian Teacher Librarian Award - 2008

Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd (LinksPlus/WebLinks)

Jan Radford

Delany College, Granville, New South Wales

The Australian School Library Association Inc. (ASLA) and Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd (LinksPlus/Weblinks) have pleasure in announcing the winner of the 2008 Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year Award – Jan Radford from Delany College, Granville, New South Wales.

This national award recognises and honours an exceptional Australian teacher librarian in a school setting whose professional practice has a positive impact on student achievement and information literacy. ASLA describes the role of a teacher librarian as having three key professional specialisations: curriculum leader, information specialist, and information services manager.

The Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year 2008 is awarded to a teacher librarian who demonstrates a high level of achievement in each of these three components of their role and thus provides a library and information service that improves student learning.

The 2008 Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year, Jan Radford, a member of Australian School Library Association (NSW) manages a diverse library service at Delany College, Granville, New South Wales. Delany College is a coeducational, Catholic systemic school at Granville in Sydney’s west and part of the diocese of Parramatta. The enrolment of the school is 554 with a majority of students from backgrounds where English is not the first language of the home.

Her Principal and colleagues comment on her abilities to meet the selection criteria of the award.

“In 2008 Jan has continued her usual practice of planning for the best possible advancement of her library and school mission and providing her school executive with sound recommendations regarding the future.” (Peter Wade, Principal, Delany College)

“Jan models a commitment to lifelong learning on a daily basis. Using her extensive local, national and international network connections, developed as a long term, active member of online teacher librarian communities based in Australia, Britain and the US, Jan seeks out like minded people from whom she can learn.

As a reflective professional, Jan observes and analyses her practices and constantly seeks to improve library services and programs. She has been involved in school wide literacy initiatives, backing them with her special skills in resource management, ensuring the library has a prominent role and giving special assistance to gifted learners.”

“Jan’s professional commitment to learning networks both physical and virtual is reflected in her school by transferring this knowledge into practical projects, such as TAG-L – her teen advisory group cum book club. She mentors these students by giving them roles and responsibilities and honouring their decisions.

Her commitment to keeping up to date in relation to technology, especially Web 2.0, lead Jan to recognise the importance of a virtual library space. She strives to increase student access to information through modern technologies.

Jan knows her community and how to meet the needs of the wide range of students represented. She has taken special care to provide for new arrivals, a significant group in the school as Delany hosts an Intensive English Centre, finding ways for these students of limited English ability to be involved in the book group, as well as providing some resources in their first languages.”

“Jan strives to provide an information rich learning environment for her school community. She has particularly excelled at developing a rich virtual space for a wide range of curriculum areas, and supporting literacy and recreational reading. Resources on her web page extend to include parents, (with brochures including tips to encourage reading skill and behaviour) and fellow professionals with a drop-down menu linking to background information on programs. The website design combines HTML, access to system provided databases and access to a range of free Web 2.0 tools.”

The judges commented

“Jan’s nomination provided evidence of an encouraging, supportive and challenging teacher librarian who has met all the criteria for the award. Her active role, interpersonal skills and driving force with both the students and teaching staff shows she is held in high regard throughout the school. Jan has confidently translated this all into the big picture of learning and meaningful experiences for the whole school.

Her learning activity was simple but most effective with rich and rewarding aspects for the students and her overall holistic qualities have shown through in her everyday approach to the library and the school.”

This award carries a $1,500 cash prize from Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd and $500 Weblinks-LinksPlus products.

The award will be presented to Jan Radford, by Paul Pledger at Tara Anglican School for Girls, North Parramatta on Saturday November 1st, 2008."

We congratulate all the state and territory nominees for this award.

Paul Huard, Gold Creek School nominated by the Australian School Library Association (ACT)

Ailsa Hill, Rose Bay High School nominated by the Australian School Library Association (Tasmania)

Lyn Lawrence, The Cathedral College nominated by the School Library Association of Queensland

Sue Johnston, Marden Senior College and Open Access College nominated by the School Library Association of South Australia

Maria Darby, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus nominated by the Western Australian School Library Association

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