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Teacher Librarian Award - 2005

Australian Teacher Librarian Award - 2005

Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd (LinksPlus/WebLinks)

Jennie Bales

Summerdale Primary School, Tasmania

The Australian School Library Association Inc. (ASLA) and Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd (LinksPlus/Weblinks) have pleasure in announcing the winner of the 2005 Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year Award – Jennie Bales, Summerdale Primary School, Tasmania.

This national award recognises and honours an exceptional Australian teacher librarian in a school setting whose professional practice has a positive impact on student achievement and information literacy.

This award carries a $ 1,500 cash prize from Pledger Consulting Pty Ltd and $ 500 Weblinks-LinksPlus products.

ASLA describes the role of a teacher librarian as having three key professional specialisations:

  • Curriculum leader
  • Information specialist
  • Information services manager

The Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year 2005 is awarded to a teacher librarian who demonstrates a high level of achievement in each of these three components of their role and thus provides a library and information service that improves student learning.

The 2005 Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year, Jennie Bales', principal and referees describe by her in the following words:

"Summerdale Primary School is extremely fortunate to have had the dynamic, tireless, passionate Jennie Bales as our librarian!"

Her knowledge abounds, her willingness to evolve and develop are exceptional and her desire to take others with her on the journey to further educational insight is exceptional.

The school motto of ‘Learners for Life’ is epitomized in Jennie’s willingness to learn, to share ideas, and to facilitate learning (of students and teachers across the country). She continues to seek better and more efficient ways of sharing, communicating, and of understanding, both for herself and her clients.

Most importantly, the fascination and inspiration that she can illicit in children from a book or an author study, through presentation or challenge or gimmick, from a web site or web based discussion or literature circle or analysis or………… is the reason I commend Jennie Bales on being a Teacher librarian of exceptional quality.”

Jennie has demonstrated that she is a valued curriculum leader at Summerdale Primary School and collaboratively plans with teachers across the curriculum. She regularly monitors and assesses students’ work through negotiated rubrics.

As information specialist she has established a stimulating and engaging Intranet resource, which successfully reflects the Tasmania Essential Learnings. Jennie epitomises the value of being a lifelong learner and she demonstrates an amazing willingness to learn, and to facilitate learning. She continues to seek better and more efficient ways of sharing her knowledge across the curriculum and is a passionate and dynamic teacher librarian.

The task of selecting a winner was a difficult one as nominees demonstrated excellent performance on the selection criteria, received enthusiastic endorsement from their Principal and school based colleagues and provided strong evidence of engaging programs for students.

We congratulate all state and territory nominees for this award.

Pat Smith – Gold Creek Primary School, Australian Capital Territory

Sue Lacey – Bega West Public School, New South Wales

Denise Tarlinton – Kurwongbah State School, Queensland

Fran Knight – William Light R-12 School, South Australia

Val Baird – Perth Modern School, Western Australia

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