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ACCESS - Editorial

ACCESS - Current Edition - Editorial

Access, Vol. 35, Issue 2, 2021, p.4.

Lee FitzGerald, Editor

Developments in the world of the teacher librarian are exciting at present – much is afoot, for example, on the advocacy front, and on the inquiry learning one. The work of Students Need School Libraries is drawing attention Australia-wide to moves minimising the force for literacy a professionally staffed school library can be for student learning and love of reading and providing ammunition against these moves. This issue of ACCESS contains articles about both of these dynamic aspects of teacher librarianship at present.

On the advocacy front, there’s a new series called Spotlight on Students Need School Libraries in this issue, written by Holly Godfree; and A snapshot of the state of Queensland school libraries 2021, by Noni Harrison. On the inquiry learning front, there’s an article from Elizabeth Hutchinson and Darryl Toerien of FOSIL (Framework of Skills in Inquiry Learning), entitled FOSIL: Inquiry as mind set, skill set, tool set and community as well as coverage of Elizabeth Hutchinson’s keynote address at the ASLA/SLASA Virtual Conference, Keys to Learning, last month. The FOSIL ‘brand’ of inquiry learning has potential to bridge that gap that has existed for a long time between inquiry learning models and the curriculum. Using the Empire State Information Fluency continuum - - FOSIL maps the skills of inquiry learning, and then links these skills with the curriculum. Darryl and Elizabeth's article on FOSIL is the first in a series to come in ACCESS on inquiry learning models – next issue, Leslie Maniotes is writing about Guided Inquiry Design; and in the last issue of the year, Kath Murdoch is writing about inquiry using her model and the wisdom she has from working in an inquiry classroom for decades.

This longer than usual edition of ACCESS has reports on all of the keynote presentations at the recent ASLA/SLASA Virtual Conference. Reports written by members of the ASLA Board are available on Elizabeth Hutchinson, Ron Ritchhart, Rebecca Heyer, Steven Layne, Dr. Kay Oddone and Steve Francis. In ASLA news and promotions, there’s a feature on Anne Girolami, 2021’s recipient of the Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year award, and promotion of the virtual International Association of School Librarians (IASL) 2021 conference to be held virtually, from Texas, July 12-16. The conference theme is A rich tapestry of practice and research around the world.

This issue also contains Part 2 – Secondary teacher librarians reflect – from graduating students of the MEd Teacher Librarianship from Charles Sturt University. Each student has chosen a theme of the role of the TL to reflect on.

For books and reading, there’s an article titled Versatility, written by CSU student, Mel Colquhon, on the value of verse novels to students and the library collection and there’s an article on the dynamic Megan Daley of Children’s Books Daily in the series Showcasing literary bloggers. Also included is a reflection on the impact of COVID on teaching, entitled The metamorphosis of a teacher, written by Jessica HumbleCrofts. Also included is an apt reflection from Andrew Perry, the founding editor of ACCESS, whose red and black covered version of the journal I remember very well.

I hope you enjoy this issue of ACCESS. It’s a labour of love putting it together.  

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