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ACCESS - Current Edition - Editorial

Access, Vol. 33, issue 4, 2019, p.3.

Rachel Hoare, Editor

Welcome to the final issue of ACCESS for 2019. What a big year this has been, as ASLA has celebrated 50 years of Leading Learning. As you will see from the commentary and feature articles in this issue, which were generated from the ASLA XXVI Conference, teacher librarians are very much leading learning in our schools.

In our commentary, Judy O’Connell celebrates communication across the generations, from the ancient cuneiform tablets to the high-tech tablets that students use in schools every day. Judy celebrates how technology enables us to share our history and cultural heritage in ‘ways that were never dreamt of when writings were first gathered and archived’. She adds that ‘A great library is connected to the ages, as well as to the generations to come’, with the teacher librarian remaining ‘connected to our cultural and human heritage, which is also changing and adapting to the current needs and approaches of connected learning’.

Emma Cox and Lori Korodaj then examine the role of the teacher librarian as a driver of positive student outcomes and ways that teacher librarians can demonstrate leadership in their schools. They can lead from the ‘sweet spot’ where they can ‘make a powerful contribution to school success’.

Tracey Ezard then brings us authentic collaborative staff learning cultures — The Buzz. Tracey explains that ‘Collaboration is learning out loud’, as she introduces the three elements of The Buzz and the five things to bring to the table.

For those of you with copyright questions, look no further than Jessica Coates’ practical overview of the ‘Copyright Can Dos’. Jessica helps us navigate the complex world of copyright, work within the boundaries of copyright, but not see it as a barrier. Jessica provides helpful tips for teacher librarians to follow that will empower learning and allow exciting and innovative projects to take place within our school libraries.

Thank you to all the authors who have contributed articles to ACCESS this year, and the peer reviewers who have assisted us. We have been spoilt with so much amazing and informative content. The good news is that there is more to come next year!

I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope you are all able to enjoy some rest and relaxation with your loved ones. I look forward to bringing you more issues of ACCESS next year.

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