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ACCESS - Current Edition - Editorial

Access, Vol. 33, issue 3, 2019, p.3.

Rachel Hoare, Editor

Welcome to the September issue of ACCESS, which is packed full, as always, with lots of interesting and informative content for your reading pleasure.

This issue starts with a fascinating peer-reviewed paper by Sue Moloney and Amanda Lucas, from Methodist Ladies' College in Kew, Melbourne, Victoria. Moloney and Lucas write about their experience co-designing learning for effective digital literacy programs. I am sure you will enjoy their paper and hope that their experience will help you develop your own digital literacy programs and activities.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the authors who submit their papers for peer review and the academics who so generously provide their feedback prior to publication. The process is complex, time consuming and sometimes daunting, but it is so important for developing our academic content and enhancing the professional reputation of the journal. Thank you to all our authors and the peer-review panel for working so hard during this process.

On this note, we are always on the lookout for new reviewers to assist us, so if this is something you can assist us with, please do let me know.

We then have an excellent article written by Dr Belle Alderman AM about an Australian children's literature exhibition you simply have to visit. The National Library of Australia and the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature have collaborated to create Story Time: Australian Children's Literature, which opens on 22 August 2019 and runs until 9 February 2020.

With over 270 objects, including original manuscripts and artworks, Story Time portrays the breadth and depth of Australian children's literature. This exhibition will inspire readers and lovers of Australian children's literature of all ages and would be an invaluable school excursion for any ACT schools or those able to travel to Canberra I am very keen to visit.

We then bring you two short features from authors who presented at the ASLA XXVI Conference, which was held at the National Library of Australia, Canberra, in April 2019. The first feature is by Shelly Unwin, 'Interacting with picture books: bringing books to life to develop a lifelong love of literacy'. The second feature is by Bruce Pickworth and is titled 'The Godwits'.

We like to include follow-up articles and papers from conferences, to reinforce the message if you were able to attend or to inspire you if you could not be there.

I look forward to bringing you many more articles and papers from the ASLA XXVI Conference in the next few issues of ACCESS.

Happy reading!

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