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Citation Award 2005

ASLA Citation Award Recipients

ASLA Citation Award for 2005

The Australian School Library Association (ASLA) is honoured to announce the winner of the ASLA Citation Award for 2005 and to commend and give recognition of services rendered to the profession.

This citation is given for outstanding leadership in promoting and developing teacher librarianship in one or more of the following fields:

  • Policy formation
  • Program implementation
  • Publications
  • Administration of the Association
  • Research
  • Innovation
  • Education

In 2005 ASLA recognises the contribution of a national leader in information policy for education who has dedicated a career to ensuring Australian school libraries are able to achieve excellence in information access and retrieval.

The recipient of the 2005 ASLA citation has given outstanding service and leadership to school libraries in Australia, and receives this award particularly in the areas of school library policy formation and program implementation. Her vision and work has had ongoing positive consequences for the profession of teacher librarianship across Australia.

Bev Blackwell: Recipient of the ASLA Citation 2005

Bev joined the Western Australian Education Department Library Services as a cataloguer in the early 1980s and has been an integral part of the national school library and information services landscape ever since. A contributor to the project that developed the first NASCIS Subject Headings List, she has put her stamp on each of the subsequent five editions of the ASCIS/SCIS Subject Headings.

Bev has built on the vision of the early collaboration that developed SCIS with significant ongoing contribution to projects including the SCIS Information Services Standards Committee , library automation projects, EdNA Online and the Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT) project.

Working to improve standards and services for school libraries she has combined a commitment to quality while at the same time valuing efficiency. Her clear thinking and quick grasp of complex information and technical issues, and their implications for schools, has put Bev in the forefront of services that recognise changing patterns in school library resourcing. She has pioneered the provision of catalogue and metadata records for new formats whether they be taped off air television programs, websites or learning objects.

Bev Blackwell has received this award in particular for her services in policy formulation and program implementation in information access for school libraries. Thanks to her commitment to standards and her expert knowledge of Dewey, AACRII, Dublin Core metadata, library automation, MARC records, and search syntax and technology, most Australian teacher librarians have not had to wrestle with these issues themselves.

While much of Bev’s influence is behind the scenes or ‘in the code’, colleagues have attested to the extent of Bev’s mentoring and advisory capacity in the areas of cataloguing and technology. This ranges from hours on the phone patiently assisting a volunteer mum in rural Western Australia who is faced with acquiring computer and mouse skills in order to download records into a library system, through to representing Australian school libraries on a key international metadata think tank.

Bev works as a member of a team through the Curriculum Materials Information Services and SCIS cataloguing agency, and colleagues in Western Australia and nationally have acknowledged her leadership in their referee statements supporting Bev’s nomination for the ASLA citation.

Referees comments include:

“Bev is a very well respected professional librarian throughout all the state education agencies and the Curriculum Corporation. The school library world is fortunate to have such a forward thinking person in their midst – her influence has been far and wide and of great benefit to the profession.”

"With her cataloguing knowledge and understanding, Bev’s attention to detail within the workplace is legendary, and her vision at the global level has placed Australian school libraries in a good position. "

“A responsible responsive person, whose rigour reflects our current systems.”

”Bev has been a loyal supporter of school libraries, whether at the state level or at the national level. Her knowledge of all things automated and cataloguing is legendary, as is her willingness to share this knowledge with others.”

“Her positive attitude, vision and creativity, have on many occasions over the years, contributed to setting new directions when services to schools libraries appeared to be under threat or heading in new directions. She has always understood that continuing to provide access to information through adapting to change was vital to the learning outcomes of students in the many challenging environments in Western Australia and beyond. Bev is an institution and an inspiration.”

Presentation of this award is an opportunity for her peers and colleagues to acknowledge her commitment to the profession and it is with honour that we bestow the ASLA Citation Award to Bev Blackwell.

Thank you Bev and congratulations.

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