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ASLA is proud to announce...

Dr Margaret Merga, in partnership with ASLA has been successful in obtaining funding from BUPA to undergo a ground-breaking research project entitled:  School libraries promoting wellbeing in Australian primary and secondary schools: An exploratory study. 

This study will provide research-based evidence for the important role that school libraries and school library staff play in promoting positive mental health in schools across Australia. ASLA thanks Dr Merga for this initiative and looks forward to working together on this very worthwhile research project.

This two-phase exploratory project explores how school libraries may operate as safe spaces for young people; promote and resource mental health and wellbeing initiatives in schools and their communities; and foster reading as a practice associated with enhanced wellbeing in young people. Phase One will collect interview data from library managers and students in relation to these focus areas, also collecting data on resourcing and finding educational gaps that can be addressed to enhance the capacity of school librarians and their library spaces to promote mental health and wellbeing.  A library space rubric will be developed to collect observation notes. 

Phase Two will use a survey of library managers across the nation to determine if Phase One findings are common across a broader range of Australian schools.

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